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Introducing Trinity and the Flip-tile system

Whilst there are a few tiling systems available, again these mostly suit a more traditional D&D usage not really suitable for the more modern look.

Two major issues observed were that some systems on offer have no system of interlocking, making stability an issue, and secondly that floors and walls were often designed as one piece, seriously reducing flexibility.

After several design cycles, we have arrived at our production ready system, which delivers:

  • Stability through tile-to-tile locators – a 3 pronged interlink – our Trinity Tile system
  • Enhanced flexibility through the Fliptile system (dual-identity) floor tiles
  • Stability yet flexibility through interchangeable walls with ‘lug & socket’ locators
  • A collection with substantial scope to develop, focused on the modern to post apocalyptic genres
  • Innovative designs, proven through numerous prototyping print-runs

Published by Phil Sadler

Previously designing 3d models for on screen game use, adapted some of these models, and creating many more, to address the need for scenery, environments, etc. for modern/post-apocalypse gaming.

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