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About 3Dminis

Designing scatter scenery, wall & floor tile systems, vehicles, and figures for war-gaming, D&D, RPG, dioramas etc.

WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT:- In a nutshell, it’s all about the creation of a catalogue of 3D models, comprising scatter scenery, an innovative floor and wall system, as well as tanks and figures. Where appropriate, designs will include variants such as open-ajar-closed, pristine-damaged-broken-destroyed, etc.

WHY:- With the majority of vendors offering typical traditional fantasy type genres, we found there to be a lack of variety relevant to our favoured genre, hence the decision to craft scenery appropriate to creating the ‘waste-land’ look (think modern warfare , Fallout, Warhammer etc.). Many of our models will be equally at home from early 1900’s through to post-apocalyptic futures.

WHAT:- Assets will be supplied as .stl files, though we are investigating the option of production of paint-ready models.

WHY ANOTHER TILE SYSTEM:- Two major issues observed are that some existing products have no system of interlocking, making stability an issue, and secondly that floors and walls have been designed as one piece, seriously reducing flexibility, increasing the need for more modules hence increasing storage space, and costs of production. Our innovative system addresses these and more… (detailed on this page here – … We are currently adapting our models to be able to meet with Dragon-lock and Open-lock systems using a link adapter.

OUR APPROACH:- Through our design and prototyping process we have developed a set of design imperatives:

  • Cater for under-serviced genres – modern to post-apocalyptic (think Fallout, Wasteland, WarHammer, Battletech etc)
  • Introduce greater flexibility – double sided tiles, modular walls, offer more choices without raising costs, while improving mobility (less to carry)
  • Contain costs – more flexible design and re-usability also reduces print requirements and material costs
  • Enhance stability – reduce movement whilst in use, our Trinity tile interlock between tiles, lug and socket for walls, wall clips for second level, all designed for flexibility balanced with stability.

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