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Work in Progress update

Whilst work continues converting our large collection of tiles, walls etc. We are also nearing completion of our first 6mm/10mm project which will include a selection of buildings, scenery, and vehicles. So far printing on FDM (filament) we are about to prepare a set for resin test print. With just a few more items toContinue reading “Work in Progress update”

Introducing Trinity and the Flip-tile system

Whilst there are a few tiling systems available, again these mostly suit a more traditional D&D usage not really suitable for the more modern look. Two major issues observed were that some systems on offer have no system of interlocking, making stability an issue, and secondly that floors and walls were often designed as oneContinue reading “Introducing Trinity and the Flip-tile system”

Vehicles and Figures

Whilst we have crafted a few vehicles and figures, as there are a number of suitable items available free on various sites, for now these are not our priority. The vehicles used in our scene photographs are our own prototypes, though the majority of figures are examples of these downloads.